NHC Power Components has a vast network of service stations in every location that we supply our systems and components to, provides full range of warranty and post-warranty services for its products.

We also carry out diagnostics, repair and adjustment of hydraulic and electronic control systems of any complexity on the whole spectrum of commercial and passenger transport, forestry, municipal, mobile cranes, loaders, excavators, drilling machines, road-building and other mobile equipment according to your requests and applications.

Our services include:

  • Departure of a maintenance team to the place of deployment of equipment.
  • Carrying out tests with the implementation of accurate measurements for the detection of malfunctions
  • Adjustment of hydraulic equipment and electronic control systems;
  • On-site consultations on operational features and modes of operation, training;
  • We are able to conduct tests and diagnostics of electronic and hydraulic equipment on the territory of our enterprise on a test bench and much more.

Service phone +375 17 361 61 26