Lubrication system

sdfgdg.png – world leader in the production of components for a centralized lubrication system used in commercial vehicles, wind power, mechanical engineering, military industry, metallurgy, ports and other areas.

“Autol” was founded in 2005 and was the first in China to manufacture solutions for the organization of the lubrication process on a variety of equipment.

The company currently produces more than 200,000 sets of kits per year, has 10 research laboratories, 100 of its own patents and collaborates with a number of first-class technical universities around the world.

Advantages of the central lubrication system

Centralized lubrication systems have the following advantages:

  • High performance as a result of increased resources and reduce downtime;
  • Reduced operating costs as a result of reduced energy consumption (reduced friction), spare parts, lubricants and labor costs, due to reduced maintenance and operating requirements;
  • Reduced wear due to regular, automatic, accurate and controlled dispensing of lubricant within short intervals during equipment operation;
  • The exception is the risk that some lubrication points will get an excess amount of lubricant, while others will not;
  • Exclusion of contamination of the lubricant;
  • Increased safety as there is no need for the presence of the operator in the immediate vicinity of areas difficult to access and on dangerous areas of equipment (for example, furnaces, cranes, cleaning machines, chemical production);
  • Maximum cleanliness;
  • Friendly attitude towards the environment is ensured through the use of minimal amounts of lubricant and minimal handling.