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The control panel is the control center of the automatic centralized lubrication system, dynamically displays data on oil pressure, fault codes, operation intervals and pauses.

Set the pause interval to 12 hours, after the ignition is turned on, the remaining time in the pause interval will be counted on the LCD screen, if the time reaches 00:00, the monitor starts the pump to create pressure in the pipeline of the lubrication system and the set lubrication time starts to be counted on the screen. When the pressure at the end of the pipeline reaches 2.6 MPa, the pressure sensor immediately transmits a signal to the monitor. As a result, the pump runs for 40 seconds (AK02) or 60 seconds (AK04). until it is turned off. The monitor then counts down to the next lubrication cycle.

Technical specifications:

- Control mode: ECU microcomputer control:
- Power: DC24V:
- Pause interval: 1 ~ 30 hours:
- Operating mode: preset time;
- Output signal: Liquid level, fault:
- Protection class: IP65.