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Pumps of the AR 60 series are used in the organization of a single-line centralized lubrication system. Pumps of this series are used in various industries: metallurgy, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, food industry, etc.

The principle of operation of the pumps of this series is as follows, that the pump starts to work when it receives a signal from the built-in controller. Further, the engine drives the gear pump, which pressurizes the lubricant to the lubrication points through the distributors. Excess grease is returned to the reservoir through an opening in the bypass valve. The pump module receives a signal from the monitor, and the gear pump stops. Finally, the pressure relief valve opens, the lubricant in the main pipelines is pumped into the reservoir. Then the pressure in the lines is about 0.05 ~ 0.1 MPa.

 Technical specifications:

- Maximum pressure: 3.8 MPa;
- Nominal throughput: 55 ml / Min;
- Lubrication: NGLI 1 #, 2 #, 3 #;
- Temperature condition: -40 ~ 70 ° C;
- Voltage: DC24V / 12V 20W;
- Tank volume: 2 liters.