AISL1000 Smart Centralized Lubrication System

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This system consists of a lubricating pump, an intelligent distributor, a ball valve, a filter, a progressive distributor, and a control panel.

The intelligent centralized lubrication system delivers lubrication to the lubrication points through a lubrication pump, ball valve, filter, intelligent distributor and distributor. The feed time and lubrication volume for each point can be set using the human machine interface (HMI). The smart valve is equipped with a flow meter and a solenoid valve. The lubricant supply through the distributor can be controlled by a solenoid valve. The flow meter monitors the lubricant supply in real time.

Principle of operation:

The device works according to a predefined program. Starting the pump, the lubricant under pressure will be delivered to the progressive distributor via the intelligent one, then the lubricant will be distributed to the lubrication points. The real-time flow rate determines the supply of lubricant to the system and sends it to the intelligent distributor, allowing you to stop the pump when the specified amount of lubricant at a point reaches the desired value.