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The DRB-P series electric grease pump is used for one and two linear centralized systems with a high lubrication frequency, long pipelines and intensive lubrication points. It can also be equipped with a movable trolley, hose, lubrication gun. This series of grease pumps operates with a high pressure piston. Operating pressure can be arbitrarily adjusted within the nominal pressure range. The device is designed with double overload protection. The grease storage drum is equipped with an automatic grease level alarm. With an electrical control unit, this pump can fully control two linear centralized lubrication systems and control the system.

Technical specifications:

- Maximum pressure: 40 MPa;
- Tank volume: 30l, 60l, 100l;
- Motor power: 0,37kW-1,5 kW;
- Temperature condition: -20 ~ 80 ° C;
- Voltage: 380V.